Started in Los Angeles, You Can Sit With Us is a campaign sparked to raise awareness of bullying and the harms it can bring to kids both online and in the classroom. 

By purchasing a shirt, you're not only spreading positive vibes (and sporting a super cool tee!) you're automatically donating money to a good cause. 100% of the profits go to anti-bullying organizations (you'll get a print out with your tee to let you know exactly which one it is this month).

With your shirt comes another way you can help raise awareness & is, perhaps, the most important one. The campaign is focused on reaching those who feel isolated & helping them feel less alone through the same social media platforms where the problem exists. Just follow the simple steps below (which will also come listed on a printout when you get your shirt) and your voice could help someone else find theirs! 


Step 1:

Post a photo of you in the shirt or just the shirt itself on your social media platforms. (Don't be afraid to get creative!)

Step 2: 

Let people know why you support the cause.  This can be through a quote, a statistic, or even a story that is personal to you.  Anything that might reach someone who follows you who may be feeling alone.

Step 3: 

Spread the word. Let people know where they can purchase their own and why they should. 


If you've found us not knowing about the campaign & you just want a super awesome shirt... that's cool too. You're still helping!  

100% of the profits go to anti-bullying organizations and all shirts are made locally in sunny Los Angeles, CA. They're also organic & super soft! It's a win-win for all! x